JBM EON Furniture
Our Expertise

Est. 1983


One of the world’s largest and most trusted suppliers of mattresses & upholstered furniture with 37 years of experience in the sleep industry. Fully integrated, we have four facilities covering an area of over 800,000 m2.


Complete control of our entire supply chain ensures consistently excellent products. We have in-house product testing laboratories and all quality certifications needed to ensure we provide premium-quality products worldwide.


We have developed into a global mattress manufacturer through continuous advancements in our sleep technology & supply-chain. Innovation is key to our business, we proudly have unique patents & proprietary automated machinery.

Vertical Integration

With complete control of our entire supply chain, we have achieved efficient production, allowing consistently premium products at the most competitive prices. To ensure the highest quality products, we produce all Bonnell Springs, Pocket Springs, Memory Foam, ECO Foam, Carton Boxes, Nonwoven Fabric, Tapes, Isolated Pads, FR Pads and PE Bags.

Quality Excellence

As quality is our number one priority, you can rest assured  our premium products are ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, Certi-PUR US Certified, UL Certified, CA117, CFR1632 & CFR1633 Certified and more. JBM is the only supplier with a CFR 1633 mattress fire retardant testing center built within the factory. The center was built with the assistance of SGS in line with national standards and the results are recognized by the asgs

Company Certifications

ISO 4001, 9001 & 18001
Quality Management Systems
OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
CertiPUR-US Certified
Quality, Durability & Environmentally-Friendly Foam
China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate
Quality, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing & Environmental Protection
CA117, CFR 1632, CFR1633 & BS5852
United States and British Flammability Standard Requirements
UL Certificate
Global Certification of Personnel, Products, Processes & Systems
SGS Certificate
Global Benchmark for Quality and Integrity
TUV Rheinland Certificate
Suitability, Safety and High Quality Products
Global Manufacturer Certificate
Standard for 8 Benchmarks for Chinese Suppliers
ISPA Certificate of Membership
Innovation & Growth Membership In The Sleep Industry
Entrprise Honor
Chinese Manufacturer Recognition For Quality & Safety
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Quality Assurance

 Our primary objective is to provide only the best globally certified mattresses at best price. To achieve our goal, independent departments of research & development, quality management & manufacturing research have been implemented in every process from our raw materials to finished goods. We firmly believe quality represents the lifeline of an enterprise, thus we strive to provide the best quality products at the most competitive price. 

Our QC team is responsible for examining each step of the manufacturing process and every product manufactured. JBM has various mattress detection settings, such as mattress pressure bearing detection, resilience detection, precise foam density detection, and mattress fireproof detection. Furthermore, to provide quality-assured and first-class products, we test stress, elasticity, rebound and VOCs and the testing is verified via a third party from raw materials to finished goods. 

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Expertly Designed

Our vacuum foaming patent allows us to produce 100 m³ foam of high quality ECO foam in 11 minutes. This allows us to produce large volumes very quickly while meeting any specifications needed. JBM has installed the best quality manufacturing equipments, improved manufacturing techniques and optimized all automated control manufacturing processes. In order to shorten our delivery cycle and ensure on-time delivery of over 1,000,000 mattresses annually, we’ve introduced Cell Production Management (Seru Seisan) from Japan. 

The ability to innovate our supply chain by managing production time of semi-finished products gives us confidence in consistently delivering our products to our customers at the earliest time. We’re driven to continuously establish automatic standardized and professional processes to reduce production and transportation costs, improve production efficiency and lowering prices while maintaining higher quality.