Est. 1983


JBM’s mattress product line includes Bonnell coil, Pocket Coil, Memory Foam, Infused-Memory Foam, Latex and Hybrid variations. We gladly welcome custom mattress production based on our customer’s specifications. Jinbaoma also produces pillows and mattress toppers, adjustable beds, sofa beds and more. 

Our manufacturing capabilities also include sofa beds, metal bed and wooden beds. All aspects of our products ranging from thickness, size, composition, density, cover fabric, bed material and more can be custom made to your specifications. 

JBM possesses the longest foam production line in China, which ensures an annual capacity of minimum 1,000,000 premium mattresses. Furthermore, Jinbaoma has proprietary automated machinery and a unique vacuum foaming patent allowing us to consistently produce innovative high-quality mattresses and other products such as pillows and mattress toppers.

Beds & Upholstered Furniture

JBM’s vertical integration, manufacturing expertise and innovation has allows continual product line expansion. We manufacture upholstered furniture such as sofa beds, adjustable beds, sofas, couches, wood beds and metal beds. 

Our adjustable beds are foldable and easy to assemble and feature two motors for continuous variable adjustment. Features also include a wireless remote, USB charger, LED lights and various massage levels.

We have various packaging options to decrease shipping costs. The foldable design ships through carriers such as UPS for improved delivery time and reduced shipping costs.


From raw materials to finished goods, all of our products are tested in our facilities along with independent third-party testing for various quality standards.  VOCs (volatile organic compounds), FR (Flame Retardants), Density, Elasticity, Rebound and Abrasion Resistance levels among others are tested and globally certified.